Prema društvu za 22. stoljeće


About us


Group22 is a think tank dedicated to green and left progressive politics. We are committed to nourishing alternative models of socially just, democratic and materially sustainable societies for the 22nd century.

Our research and analysis capacity is dedicated to furthering this agenda in society: by applying critical theory and sustainability thinking to contemporary society we aim to better understand and address the challenges that lie in the path of social transformation for a sustainable future.

Contact Address: Ožujska 11, HR10110 Zagreb, Croatia

Email: info.grupa22@gmail.com

Bank account (IBAN): HR62 2390 0011 1006 3864 6


Danijela Dolenec is currently the coordinator of Group 22. After spending several years as an academic nomad in Europe and the US, and getting a PhD from Zurich, she is now teaching comparative politics and social science methodology in Zagreb. She’s an activist and critical scholar advocating democratization and sustainability, who grew up as a punk kid (long-term effects still not fully understood).

Karin Doolan lectures in sociology of education, cultural theory and qualitative research methods with a PhD from Cambridge. She has participated in numerous advocacy and research projects with a social justice focus, involving students from low-income families, homeless youth and ethnic minorities. She had a brief acting success at age 9 starring as the anxious mother of a Partisan.

Tomislav Tomašević is currently a student in Environment, Society and Development at Cambridge, but used to be a director of the largest environmental NGO in Southeast Europe and a president of the youth network umbrella organization before that. He’s the only group member to have been to 13 UN sustainability summits, and is being prosecuted by the Croatian state for organizing peaceful sit-ins.

Darijo Čerepinko is an independent PR consultant with a wide range of experience in political marketing and media relations, as well as journalism. He’s also a lecturer in communications at University of Applied Science in Varaždin, Croatia. He grew up in Kozari Bok, one of the most famous working class neighborhoods in Zagreb.

Dražen Šimleša has a PhD from Zagreb and works as a researcher at a social science institute in Zagreb, but is best known in Croatia for his environmental and alternative development activism. He lives in an ecovillage and has written books on anarchism, among other things.

Mladen Domazet is a researcher with a social research institute in Zagreb, despite holding a PhD in philosophy of physics. He’s worried about current global development path’s crash with climate, so he engages with sustainability education initiatives. Mladen completed secondary and undergraduate education in the UK and knows what a morning suit is.

Vladimir Cvijanović is an institutional economist with a PhD from Frankfurt. Vlado’s concerned with transition, economics of innovation, commons and post-capitalist transformations and is one of the editors of socio-economic perspectives in South-Eastern Europe book-series – which is not helpful at all when you’re a father of two young daughters.

Nikola Vrdoljak is an expert in digital communications with degrees from New York and Zagreb. Whilst his academic interests lie in the impact of digital technology on economic relations and the challenges that globalization poses for political communities, his real interests lie with furthering the bicycle culture from Zagreb to Istanbul.

Grupa22 je progresivna zeleno-lijeva istraživačka i zagovaračka organizacija predana razvijanju alternativnih modela društveno pravednih, demokratskih i materijalno održivih društava za 22. stoljeće