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Raising awareness on climate change in Slovenia

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  • Raising awareness on climate change in Slovenia: Working paper by Lidija Živčić, Focus Association for Sustainable Development, Senior Expert.

    The working paper outlines the drivers and barriers that (de)motivate people to take personal action to fight climate change. It looks at three specific aspects of motivation for climate action: (1) connection between climate action and personal reward/punishment system of people, (2) connection between climate action and being personally affected by the consequences of climate change or understanding the climate change problem, and (3) connection between climate action of people and factors such as price, availability and quality of the products or services. The working paper goes on to present some key findings of research on people’s motivation for climate action, which was done in Slovenia in 2011. It explains that general awareness of the climate problem among the population in Slovenia is high, but in-depth understanding is low. People do not see the connections between their actions and climate change consequences. They also do not feel the effects of climate change yet. This leads to a situation where people believe that they cannot contribute neither to the creation nor the solution of the problem. In principle taking action to protect climate is welcome, but in practice it is welcome only if people’s wellbeing or comfort is not significantly affected. The working paper shows why climate communication should be included in the discussion about a meticulous change of the global economic and political system. Without the debate about changing the economic system, it will be hard to achieve the changes needed to reduce human impact on the climate. The paper ends with opening the question whether or not recommendations for communicating the issue of climate change in Croatian

    society can be similar to the ones for Slovenian society.

    Zivcic - Climate Change Slovenia

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